THULETUVALU (2014) – Cast

Rasmus Avike, 46,
is a hunter feeding a family of six who doesn‘t know what he will do when he no longer can hunt.

Lars Jeremiassen, 65,
has raised four children hunting and believes that humans, like animals, will adapt to these changes. He just doesn‘t yet know how.

Patrick Malaki, 42,
fisherman and canoe builder, father of three, doesn‘t believe that God will one day let Tuvalu become submerged.

Takuao Malaki, 44,
teacher, Patrick’s wife, wishes that her children have the chance to emi- grate and live in a safe place.

Kaipati Vevea, 41,
officer responsible for the flora on the island of Nanumea, father of three, is certain that Tuvalu will be submerged and wants to emi- grate with his family.

Vevea Tepou, 71,
father of 21 kids, first munici- pal president of Nanumea, believes that the govern- ment of Tuvalu must search for a place to relocate the country‘s entire people to.

Foini Tulafono, 42,
former teacher, left Tuvalu with her family of seven due to fears about rising sealevels and now lives in New Zealand.